The dissemination and communication work of the REACH social network plays an important role in ensuring its visibility and maximising the impact of the project’s activities. Dissemination is dedicated to spread the activities and outcomes of the project, while communication is focused on establishing liaisons, connections and dialogue with the target audiences. Dissemination and communication are the base for the development of a sustainable REACH network, aggregating the widest range of stakeholders to promote interaction and debate.

REACH targets the whole value chain of the culture and cultural heritage sector:

  • research organisations, academies and higher educational institutes
  • cultural content owners and memory institutions
  • infrastructures and technology providers
  • cultural and cultural heritage institutions
  • cultural and creative industries, bodies and networks
  • artists and institutions dealing with arts
  • culture practitioner and amateurs
  • general public and citizen-scientists interested in culture and cultural heritage.

Representatives of these groups are targeted to be involved in communication and dissemination activities and invited to participate in the REACH network.

REACH employs a range of complementary dissemination mechanisms to transmit the project’s messages to its target audiences. They include the following:

Web presence

  • the reach-culture.eu website, to offer information about the project and its results, announcement of dissemination and concertation events and much more
  • the open-heritage.eu online platform
  • REACH channels on the most widely used social networks
  • the REACH showcase on digitalmeetsculture.net online magazine

Dissemination material

Conferences, workshops and local encounters