Call for Posters and Videos

The Call for Posters and Videos is ended.

The  digital gallery is online .

The Call for Posters and Videos aims to collect contributions from innovative and interesting Cultural Heritage projects that involve resilient communities and social participation from all over Europe.
You are invited to join the Call and present your achievements for improving a participative and resilient cultural heritage milieu.

In light of the interest received by the initiative, the REACH Consortium have decided to keep the call open until the end of the year.

Download the application form here 

You can participate with:

  • poster (vertical, 5 MB)
  • video (in HD, max 3. min)

published on the digital gallery and available for download. 

Your Proposals will be selected by the REACH’s Committee. Special consideration will be given to ensure that a variety of topics, geographical and cultural ranges are represented.


All the material  – poster and other – shall be in English Language.

Posters / Videos session topics:


Poster/video template for the application form

You can download the application form here 

If you have any questions about the Call for Posters/Videos, please contact the REACH Dissemination Team:


REACH project website: