Pilots and Best Practices


Scope of the REACH pilots

Cultural Heritage (CH) can be considered ephemeral, because it is based on a link between cultural features and the communities that produced them. Since communities change, their heritage changes as well. Europe is producing new communities who are looking for representation in European society, also in its CH. REACH uses pilots to study more in depth some of these communities, to engage with them in participatory activities, to discover and promote best practices, and to create the conditions to encourage their commitment beyond the project’s end.

The objective of pilots is to advocate the socio-economic value of civic participation in preservation, use and management of CH, by exemplifying best practices in the development of resilient policies in community and territorial preservation, education, data management, protection of intellectual rights, etc. Furthermore, the pilots should demonstrate successful cases of job creation and economic growth based on CH use and re-use, innovation in cultural tourism, and examples of improved public services for CH management .

Thematic areas of the REACH pilots

Pilots cover the following thematic areas:

  • Minority Heritage, focusing in particular on marginalised minorities
  • Institutional Heritage, comparing participatory approaches in the case of big CH institution with international audiences and small institutions targeting local users
  • Rural Heritage, promoting participation in cultural and environmental protected areas as a way to solve conflicts between preservation, reuse, economical activities
  • Small Towns Heritageanalysing the representations and (re-)valorisation of their heritage.

Each Pilot has the aim to validate and improve different models of participation showing in practice usefulness and possible difficulties that may arise.

Connections will be established between the pilots in order to produce a better integrated outcome (e.g. minorities in small towns, natural disasters in rural areas, international audiences in small local museums).

The 4 thematic Pilots are developed in various European countries.