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REACH provided a wide programme of events during its 38 months lifetime:

The second conference was to have been held in Pisa on 4-5 June 2020.
Due to the COVID-19 global crisis, the REACH project was obliged to cancel its final conference. Nevertheless, the Consortium has decided to maintain the call for posters and videos until October 2020. The REACH community has reacted enthusiastically to the invitation and the project has been able to publish a rich digital gallery, including different types of innovative and engaging contributions coming from resilient communities and the European Cultural Heritage network of social participation. The project is currently collecting many works and expects to receive several others in the coming months.

Details of workshop presentations and critical analysis are provided within D4.2 – Workshop results and lessons learnt

Workshops and conferences invited keynote speakers and target international audiences, including non-EU participants.

Objectives of the events

Specific objectives of the events were to:

  • discuss inclusive methods of multi-disciplinary research on CH preservation, and how wider societal participation can contribute to better and more sustainable results;
  • deliver new understandings of participatory approaches for innovation in CH management, and explore new roles for civil society to collaborate with CH professionals;
  • explore novel approaches to use and (re-)use CH, also in the context of partnerships between cultural and private sectors;
  • identify future research directions.