Workshop on participatory approaches for territorial cohesion

The scope of the international workshop on territorial cohesion was to investigate the value of participatory preservation of CH in terms of research advancement and social innovation.



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The workshop took place in Granada at Oficina de Proyectos Internacionales (OFPI) Vicerrectorado de Investigación y Transferencia - University of Granada, C/ Gran Vía de Colón, 48, 2ª Planta. 


Tuesday 26 November 2019.


The workshop started from the the experiences and lessons learnt during the participatory activities carried out in the MEMOLA project, coordinated by UGR.


The event was mostly targeted to local administrations, territorial communities, academics and citizens organisations.


The workshop focused on the value of participatory preservation of Cultural Heritage specifically agrarian/rural heritage and cultural landscapes and addressed the themes of territorial cohesion and involvement of rural communities.
Particular cases of good practices and social innovation were analysed.

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Photo Gallery

This gallery shows pictures of the workshop.