Public Deliverables

In this page it is possible to download the public deliverables of the project, which are uploaded here as long as they are produced during the project’s lifetime

D1.1 Quality plan
Quality Plan assuring the proper management and efficient project progression and workflow.
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D1.2 Overview of the REACH project’s results
This deliverable reflects upon the activities of the project and its final results.
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D2.1 Project website, internal communication tools, dissemination plan, promotional material
This deliverable describes the online portal, including the design of It also details the communication and the dissemination plan. Download PDF

D2.2 Terms of reference for community building and stakeholders consultation
Report on the way how community building activities and stakeholder consultation is carried out. Download PDF

D2.3 Final report on dissemination activities, community building, stakeholders consultation
Report on the outcomes of communication, dissemination activities as well as community building and stakeholders consultation. Download PDF

D3.1 Participatory models
This deliverable provides recommendations, tools, procedures and common protocols to be validated in the experimental pilots. Download PDF Download Abstract

D3.2 Selection of projects and mapping of clustered research findings
This deliverable contributes to the creation of a cross-disciplinary and international network of relevant heritage scholarship, focusing on minorities, rural landscapes, small towns, Cultural Heritage institutions, with the aim to establish new interconnections in a rather fragmentary field. Download PDF Download Abstract

D3.3 Project evaluation report
This deliverable reports about internal and external evaluation conducted along the whole project. Download PDF

D4.1 Workshops criteria and planning
This deliverable describes the planning of the workshops and the assessment criteria for their evaluation. It also provides detailed and operational protocols to be followed in the thematic workshops, to guarantee their alignment and interconnection. Download PDF

D4.2 Workshops results and lessons learnt
This deliverable provides the aggregated report about the thematic workshops held in Berlin, Coventry, Granada and Prague. It will provide: summary of the topics addressed, description of participants, analysis of users’ feedbacks on the participatory experience, lessons learnt, recommendations and best practices. Download PDF.

D4.4 Opening conference 
This deliverable presents the results of the opening conference, number and categories of attendees, level of participants’ interest and interaction, examples of best practices, success and failures, opportunities and threads, and the feedback of the audience on the scope of the social platform. Download PDF

D4.5 Final conference
This deliverable describes the planning for the REACH final conference that was to have been held in Pisa. It details the collection of posters and videos submitted by associates and cultural heritage stakeholders.Download PDF

D5.2 Minority heritage pilot results
This deliverable includes working papers and best practice guides.
Lessons learnt from the pilot case studies will be organized in two transversal categories: the first analysing the case studies from social aspects and the second considering the cultural rights and perspectives of these encounters in the light of adoption of participatory approaches.
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D5.3 Institutional heritage pilot results
Report on the activities of the Institutional Heritage Pilot.
The outcomes will be the base for practical guidelines addressed to Cultural Heritage Institutions.
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D5.4 Rural heritage pilot results
This deliverable reports on activities undertaken together with local communities and the adoption of REACH participatory models for building dialogue and consensus for CH preservation in rural areas. Download PDF

D5.5 Small towns’ heritage pilot results 
This deliverable provides a critical review of the results of the desk study and encounters carried out with local actors, with particular focus on resilience of small towns. This will provide a framework for sharing knowledge and analysis from academic partners, experience and other inputs from locally involved stakeholders, and a matrix of good practices from other countries in the form of a participative interactive map. Download PDF

D6.2 Good practices of social participation in cultural heritage
This deliverable summarises and compares the findings from methodologies, methods, algorithms, data collections, data structures, and visualisation techniques from previous projects. Download PDF Download Abstract

D6.4 Resilience and social innovation in cultural heritage
Based upon a deeper analysis of other projects' activities than considered in D6.2, this deliverable critically reviews best and 'bad' participatory practices from a range of initiatives and considers lessons learned. Download PDF

D7.1 REACH findings on resilient European cultural heritage
This deliverable provides a description of the steps to foster the evolution of participatory approaches in the preservation, use/re-use and management of Culture Heritage, aiming at improving Culture Heritage resilience and to generate social innovation.
In particular, the deliverable highlights the role of participatory approaches in supporting social cohesion and integration in Europe. Download PDF

D7.2 Sustainability plan
This deliverable illustrates the plan agreed among the partners and the associate partners for the sustainability of the social platform at the end of the EC funded project, including the activity of pilots, and the coordination of research activity across the cultural heritage stakeholder network. Download PDF