Small Towns Heritage

Small Towns Heritage

Czech Republic

Task Leader: CUNI (CZ)

This pilot analysed the representations and (re-)valorisation of the small towns Cultural Heritage (CH).

The pilot focused in particular on Czech Republic, but also included towns across Europe, through links with Associated partners.

Small towns are a distinctive feature of the European settlement and are often part of CH in themselves: for their architecture, monuments, churches, as well as for intangible heritage linked to the territory. Despite this, they remain in the shadow of the big cities and metropoles.

Whilst Cultural policies are often based on big cities, small towns and peripheral region face limitations in terms of capacities, resources and knowledge. Hence, their potential remains undervalued and not fully exploited. Furthemore, CH in these areas is often endangered lack of investment in conservation, by natural disasters in less populated areas, and impact of large infrastructural works (dams, tunnels and bridges, etc.).

The objectives of the pilot were:

  • to categorise the variety of representational strategies of multi-level value of small towns’ heritage, including intangible heritage and traditional economic practices;
  • to create links among heritage experts and other relevant stakeholders on national and transnational levels with actors in local communities, regional bodies and cross border projects;
  • to highlight what has been omitted and identify good and bad practices, and bottlenecks.

Specific activities

The pilot planed to:

  • map critically representational strategies of heritage, in departmental cities and in smaller towns;
  • trace and list the use of city history releted presentations in museums, pageants, and festivals in small towns;
  • register, compare and contrast small towns situation in heritage marketing and tourism;
  • establish a dialogue between local and regional actors;
  • create an interactive map of small town activities, activists and best practices.


21-22 November 2019, Prague (Czech Republic). Workshop On Resilience And European Cultural Heritage.

Two days workshop supported by the Strategic Partnerships Programme, research Framework PROGRES and H2020 funded REACH project and the Seminar of General and Comparative History of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague.
21 Novembre: Heritage and Local Communities in Former Yugoslavia
22 November: Resilience and Resistance – Josefov fortress in time of climate crisis.
Look at the flyer for more information

29 May 2019, Prague (Czech Republic). Small Towns Pilot in conference with the associate partner of Toulouse.

The title of the conference was "The commodification of nature and tradition desires in the tourist small towns since the end of the Eighteenth century (France and Spain). The heritage between nature, culture and policy". It has been organized with the support of the European Regional Development Fund Project “Creativity and Adaptability as Conditions of the Success of Europe in an Interrelated World”. Charles University brought its important contribution talking about Small Towns pilot

15 February 2019, Prague (Czech Republic). Small Towns Heritage Pilot- Regional meeting with associate partners.

"An-open-space" meeting to debate the development of the pilot, database of best practices and discuss topics came up on the seminar with Czechtourism and Anthropictures.

Read more

24 January 2019, Prague (Czech Republic). Seminar of the Small Towns Heritage Pilot with Czechtourism and Anthropictures, associate partners of REACH.

Main topics were:
- the ambivalent role of tourism: it can help and destroy the heritage at the same time;
- the strengths and weaknesses of bottom up participatory initiatives;
- the very different understanding of authenticity, which can be even invented by the members of the community, or local stakeholders;
- the problems in understanding what is the community in tourist business.

14-16 November 2018, Prague (Czech Republic). Workshop “Resilience of Heritage in Resilient Cities”

The Institute of Sociological Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, KREAS VP2WP3 “Adaptation in Historical Perspective” research team and REACH project organized a 2 days workshop on "Resilience of Heritage in Resilient Cities”. Read more.
Further information: workshop's webpage, Call for Papers, Programme,

24-25 May 2018, Prague (Czech Republic). Workshop “Diversity and Local Contexts: Adaptation and Heritage”
The Faculty of Social Sciences (Institute of Sociological Studies) and the Faculty of Arts (Institute of World History) of Charles University in cooperation with the Czech division of the UNESCO–MOST Program, organized a 2 days workshop on”Diversity and Local Contexts: Adaptation and Heritage”. Read more.
Further information: Poster , Programme.

  • 15 February 2018, Prague (Czech Republic). Small towns in promotion of its cultural heritage: possibilities and experiences.
    Charles University leader of the HORIZON 2020 REACH Project pilot on small towns heritage, promoted the first workshop with associated partners of Czech Republic. Read the outcomes of the first workshop on small towns heritage pilot here. Further information:
    Poster of the workshop, programme of the workshop, presentation , report of workshop on Urban History Newsletter.