How can I participate in the REACH Social Platform?

There are two official forms of participation depending on what you are: 
If you are an Organization or an Individual, you can sign a Cooperation Agreement (C.A.). This is a model defining subject, matter, scope, duties and rights of the cooperation.
If you are a project involved in CH you are welcome to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), pointing out the liaison between the projects and the therms of the cooperation.  
Join REACH social platform! Send an email to dissemination-reach@promoter.it introducing yourself and your plan of cooperation.

How can I receive the REACH Newsletter?

In order to receive the REACH Newsletter you are invited to visit the REACH home page  and insert your name and email address in the registration form at the bottom of the page

How can I provide comments and contributions to the project's activities?

Comments and Contributions will be welcome by filling the feedback form set at the bottom of REACH home page   with your name, email address and of course, the message 

May I ask REACH to promote my event?

Send us information at dissemination-reach@promoter.it about any kind of initiatives related to participatory approaches to CH and we will be pleased to publish a short blog on REACH website and disseminate them among REACH social media

How can I get in contact with the REACH team?

You can get in contact by clicking on http://reach-culture.eu/contacts and choosing the email address of the representative that better fit with your request

Is it possible to get access to the project's results?

REACH outcomes are available at http://reach-culture.eu/project/public-deliverables.

This page gives access to the main common documents produced by REACH activities and they are freely downloading in  pdf version as long as they are produced during the projects lifetime.

Specific documents are also provided by each area of work and they are properly published into the respective sessions

How can I get a general introduction to the project?

Visiting the REACH dissemination webpage you can gain all general information regarding the mission of the project, the web presence, conference, workshops and local encounters initiatives.

Dissemination material is downloading in pdf version.