Final Recommendations

Participatory Approaches

A wealth of information was discovered and evaluated during the REACH project and its pilots, to consider how a participatory model or set of models for management, preservation and (re-)use of cultural heritage (CH) could be defined.  Recommendations were made, providing options for use within the CH sector, to develop participatory activities with relevant stakeholders of specific communities and their heritage. Read more ...
Further details can be found in D3.1 Participatory Models and D3.3 Project evaluation report

Towards a Resilient European Cultural Heritage

Resilience has always been an important strand of REACH across all project's activities, specifically the four participatory pilots (Minority heritage, Rural heritage, Small towns’ heritage and Institutional heritage) and also the project’s thematic workshops, one of which had a specific focus on resilience
Having undertaken three years of debate on this subject, to build experience and understanding and explore effective participatory approaches, a set of policy and practice recommendations have been drawn up, that represent an outcome of the REACH project. Read more ...