Municipality of Svidnik (Slovakia)

The town of Svidník is a district town in the northeast of Slovakia, which currently has about 11,000 inhabitants. It has a significant position on the road Vyšný Komárnik - Barwinek, the largest border crossing from the Slovak Republic to Poland, but it also has a strategic location on Via Carpatia. The first written report concerning of Svidnik is from 28 june 1355. The two world wars are historically connected with the town of Svidnik. In the cultural area, the city can be proud of two museums: SNM - Museum of Ukrainian Culture and the Military History Museum. Traditions and culture are presented by two festivals Ruthenian festival and the Festival of Ruthenians-Ukrainians of Slovakia, held in a local amphitheater since 1956. The beauty of our culture spreads folk groups Makovica and Makovička. There are 21 sports areas in the town, a sports hall with bowling and children's playgrounds are constantly expanding and modernizing. The city is constantly striving to benefit citizens in the form of reconstructions, repairs or new construction projects.