Coming soon is conceived an independent, long term online platform with tools for interaction among the users, in the forms of discussion, thematic and other activity groups. It aims to attract the interest of different stakeholders who will play a relevant part in sustaining the REACH social platform. 

The users will find on

  • information about the social platform and its activities,
  • the resources developed in the project,
  • a critical bibliography and a list of reviewed and curated references.

Participatory experiences

The online platform will include also a thematic organisation of participatory experiences gathered and extend to initiatives beyond the REACH project. The information will be indexed by keywords and features in order to make access easier (e.g. information about geographic location and economy of the target territory, social composition of the target community).

The participatory experiences will be positioned on a map of Europe to facilitate users’ interaction. will be open to contributions from its users (partners, associate partners and general visitors) with the aim to be a ‘multi-actor platform’. 

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