Prata Sara, professional archaeologist (Portugal)

Sara Prata (Lisbon, 1987) is a professional archaeologist based in Castelo de Vide (Alentejo, Portugal) and a researcher of the Institute of Medieval Studies (IEM - FCSH NOVA Lisbon University). She has a PhD by the University of Salamanca.
Her research focuses on the analysis of early medieval countryside evolution through the material record. She has managed commercial archaeology projects in both urban and rural areas and has had the opportunity to collaborate in several research projects, organize scientific meetings and publish her findings. 
Her combined experiences as a professional archaeologist and a researcher working inland territories have given her insight into the everyday reality of this profession and the local impact of archaeological research. She is currently looking for ways to help reframe archaeological research in order to consider the specific needs of inland territories and help change public perceptions towards archaeological practices. She believes archaeology can play an important role in the creation of lasting bonds between local communities and cultural heritage.