Sargetia (Romania) offers the opportunity to visit and find out about Romanian cultural sites and historical monuments through the use of new 3D technology. We introduce a new concept: the monument site, consisting of the archaeological site for the historical part and the virtual site, for architecture.. We propose to visit the virtual site first and then the archaeological site. Thus, the visitor will understand the historical part thoroughly.
The new "3D Reconstruction" technology restores each building to scale, according to the archaeologists' plans. The virtual guide directed by us, can visit any place without prearranged routes; he can also enter into buildings or temples because they are all built in 3D and are not replaced by movies like it happens for games. Our technology encompasses games as a particular case.
The virtual site has multiple presentation options: for PC, Internet through
WebGL technology, Android phones and tablets, Google Daydream headphones and Oculus Go for Virtual Reality. We will adapt the technology for the Apple and Linux OS as well. We implemented Augmented Reality for archeological sites.
The new technology instantly provides complete information, video and audio, helping to understand the exposed material.
We hope to implement the technology at most archaeological sites in Romania.