De Cunto Giulia (Italy)

De Cunto Giulia (Benevento, 1991) graduated in Architecture-Urban Planning at Università degli Studi Roma Tre and she is currently attending the U-Rise post-graduate course, on urban regeneration and social innovation, at the IUAV University of Venice.
During the university she had the chance to study abroad and come in contact with different issues and different urban problems. A very important experience was the construction of the graduation thesis: it started in Irpinia (an inner area in southern Italy, destroyed by an earthquake in 1980), and took her to the south of Chile, where she thought she would find good practices to take as a model for future reconstructions. She believes she has not yet succeeded in finding this virtuous process but she came back with the idea that community’s collective response to the earthquake, as she experienced in such diverse and distant contexts, is an amazing resource from which the territory can re-built its life again.