Posters and Videos

Budapest Poster and Video Session

During the two days of the REACH International Conference a poster and video session was opened to the public.

Posters and videos are available also in digital format in the digital gallery accessible at the following links: 

Digital Gallery - Poster Abstracts

Digital Gallery - Video Abstracts

Digital Gallery - Posters Mosaic

The poster and video session of the REACH conference was an important opportunity to share best practices and disseminate innovative Cultural Heritage projects that involves resilient communities and social participation from Europe and around the world.
It was also an opportunity to identify synergies and strengthen collaboration between projects.

A wide variety of geographical and cultural ranges were represented.
The topics covered in the posters are:

  • Resilient Cultural Heritage
  • Social participation: communities, techniques, best practices
  • Institutional heritage
  • Rural heritage
  • Heritage in small towns
  • Minority heritage
  • Social inequality and Heritage

REACH selected the posters and videos among all those received through this call.