Video Abstracts

From User to Engaged User: What is User Engagement?

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This webinar was created as part of the EU-funded Kaleidoscope project MOOC. It presents a theoretical framework for user engagement with digital cultural heritage. It introduces four strategies: co-creation, crowdsourcing, rephotography and digital storytelling, contextualizing them within the wider field of participatory arts practices. For more information on the project please see the Kaleidoscope poster published in the REACH digital gallery
Portraits de Loire à la Renaissance / Portraits of the Loire during the Renaissance

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The focus of the project through six short animated films is to picture what the Loire and its banks might have looked like in Renaissance times, how was organized the men’s and women’s life and by doing so to grasp the nature of a relationship forged slowly with the river over time. This also shows that today's landscapes are a foundation for the landscapes of tomorrow, we are responsible for it through our actions. Playlis here
Urban Frenetic

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The following short dance films were made in Summer 2018 as an artistic response to the frenetic pace of urban life and urbanization in terms of living spaces. I had  become increasingly concerned about how mobile phones; the internet, social media was having  an impact on our society, our daily lives and the way in which it drives the pace at which we live today.
Urban Flow

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The second film is a slowed down version of the first, designed to show the opposite dynamic, representing ideas from  past cultures and traditions and a slower pace of life or ‘going with the flow’.

Both films and images explored the use of digital camera effects and sound score. Furthermore, as a mature dance artist, I am interested in the juxtaposition of the old and new, both in terms of the movement itself and the use of technology and screendance; which I feel creates new possibilities for the synthesis of movement, photography and film using an iPhone an the software/apps available. This also allows more people of differing generations and abilities access to creativity within dance.