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This page offers a set of materials that are freely available for download.

  • REACH Final Conference
    • Postcard of the Final Conference - English
  • Reach Position Paper submitted to the European Commission - English
  • EVA 2020 FLORENCE conference
  • Local Encounters:

° Recovery of historic irrigation channels: 17, 30 March; 13, 14 April; 4, 5 May 2019, Spain. - Poster

° Minority Heritage conference. 12 February 2019, Budapest - Poster of "The Roma heritage of the 8th district (Josefstadt)"conference.

° Small Towns workshop. 15 February 2018, Prague - Poster, Programme, Presentation, Report of workshop on Urban History Newsletter

° Rural Heritage good practice 17 Febrary 2018, Cáñar - Poster

° Workshop on communal management of the rural areas in Spain. 27-29 April 2018, Granada - Poster, Programme

° "Darro river valley". 17-27 May 2018, Granada- Poster, Programme

° Workshop “Diversity and Local Contexts: Adaptation and Heritage”. 24-25 May 2018, Prague - Poster, Programme

° Participatory activity based on the cleanness of Huétor Mountain Irrigation Channels. 21, 28 October, 04 November Huétor Mountains, Granada - Programme

  • Public Deliverables:

° D1.1 Quality plan  Download PDF

° D2.1 Project website, internal communication tools, dissemination plan, promotional material  Download PDF

° D3.1 Participatory models Download PDF
Download Abstract

° D.3.2 Selection of projects and mapping of clustered research findings.
 Download PDF
Download Abstract

° D4.1 Workshops Criteria and Planning. Download PDF

° D4.4 Opening conference Download PDF

° D4.5 Final conference Download PDF

° D5.2 Minority heritage pilot results Download PDF

° D5.3 Institutional heritage pilot results Download PDF

° D6.2 Good practices of social participation in cultural heritage. Download PDF
Download Abstract

° D6.4 Resilient and social innovation in cultural heritage. Download PDF